Brass is the prefered metal for sculputed embossing and foil stamping dies. It conducts heat well like copper, for an even foil tranfer from die to paper. It is strong enough to handle long runs, yet soft enough to hand model highly detailed engravings and pantograph single level or multi-level dies.

MED: Magnesium Embossing Die
MFD: Magnesium Stamping Die

Magnesium sculptured and multi-level embossing dies. Primarily used for short runs on press, or in conjunction with duplicate dies. Magnesium is a softer metal and easier to engrave, but is not well suited for long press runs.

CTR: Pre-cast counter

Counters are the fiberglass molds from the emboss or foil die. These counters are positioned on the press to aid in pressing the paper stock into the original die.

Varying thickness's are available depending on your own press and it's capacities.( .015", .020" .030" .060" .120") Please call to insure your getting the proper counter for your press.

PRD: Prismatic Die

Prismatic stamping creates attention and generates tremendous interest for your foil project. Prismatic dies reflect light and create incredible movement to give life to all types of designs.
Copper dies are the industries number one choice for hot stamping foil. Because of their properties they are an excellent choice for single level embossing dies. Unlike brass, copper lends itself to chemical etching which makes it a good choice for  single level embossing designs. The  hardness of copper allows the dies to withstand extreme pressure on press and it is often preferred over other metals such as magnesium.

DUP: Resin Duplicate Die

Fabricated duplicate of original embossing die. The duplicate die is  for embossing/debossing and is 'cast' from the original die brass die. The duplicate is used primarily for "multiple-up" runs on the press in of the original place.

We recommend that art for creating dies be sent in original art file.
For complete list of files we accept electronically please click here.

BCD:  Brass Stamping Die
BED: Brass Embossing Die
BDD: Brass Debossing Die
BFD: Brass Flatstamping Die

CFD: Copper Flat Stamping Die
CED: Copper Embossing Die
CDD: Copper Debossing Die